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Walk for Freedom

If anyone had any doubt about the peacefulness of yesterday's mass rally would only have to join the walk to feel it.  

After laying down flowers on the site of the fallen protester at PP, those with us climbed over the road divider to turn into Drake Street towards Tamar. At that moment, we ran into three unarmoured policemen in their daily uniforms.  They stood at the juncture awashed with wave upon wave of protesters. They almost blended in with the crowds, talking among themselves disarmingly. There was no undue tension shown both on law and order side and the civilian protesters.  

Then it crossed my mind that this was the largest crowd I ever found myself in that was entirely sober. Not a discarded empty liquor bottle or beer can in sight; nor outward displays of partisan hostilities. If they happened to be found in a post- soccer-match crowd, these few cops, taken as supporters of the opposing team, would almost certainly be beaten to a pulp. Also not a single shop window had been smashed or shops looted along the way.

The crowds backed up by the bottlenecks ahead of them showed examplary stoic patience despite the suffocating heat and exhausted limbs. Even the shoutings of slogans sounded reasonable rather than inflammatory.  

Sobriety, dignity, tolerance and civic pride unseen and unheard of anywhere on this massive scale. Let's put aside our differences, overlook the great divide of opinions.  In this rare moment, feel justly proud of ourselves and our dear City for showing this bright selfless side of humanity.

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