Arts Venue Subsidy Scheme 2015-16

I.     Introduction

The Fringe Club is committed to:

Create an environment for appreciating and enjoying arts.

Blend arts into our daily life, and let our city openly embraces freedom.

Assist emerging and established artists in developing and refining their techniques.

Establish a good relationship with the community through leaning, sharing and interaction.

With various overseas programmes, the Fringe Club hopes to nurture and promote local artists through a fruitful cultural exchange.


II.      Objectives

To support productions of independent film , short film, documentary film, story-telling event, comedy show, etc. by providing arts venues for screening and sharing sessions.

To encourage arts groups, individual artists and emerging talents from different circles to present their works.


III.     Scope of Subsidy Scheme

a.             The Venue Subsidy must be used in the category of arts and culture for set-up / rehearsals,
                screenings, sharings or performances.

b.             The Venue Subsidy Scheme accepts applications of collaboration projects between local and overseas Individual Artists or Arts Groups.

c.             The Subsidy only covers venue rental of the Venue and the following items are at full responsibility of the Applicant(s):

   Subsidy on venue rental and venue technical support, front of house and ushering service as required.

The rental for using additional equipment / service and other miscellaneous charges.

d.            The Date and Venue subsidized by the Scheme depends on the actual availability of the Venue.

Ÿ               The Date subsidized by the Scheme starts from 1 July 2015 to 31 December 2016, 18 months in total.

   The subsidized Venue includes Dairy, Upstairs Theatre, Underground Theatre, The Vault and Fringe Underground.

e.            All tickets must be sold via HK Ticketing services (

f.             Activities listed below do not fall within the scope of Subsidy    

Ÿ                - Activities which are not open to the public

Ÿ                - Commercial activities or training classes

g.            The Fringe Club reserves the final decision on the eligibility of Application.


IV.     Application Procedures

Submit a valid application form with proposal by postal, fax or in-person to:

Address:              The Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong

    (Please mark “The Fringe Club – Venue Subsidy Scheme” on envelopes)

Fax:                      2868 4415

The Application Form can be downloaded from The Fringe Club’s website: Application Form

Late applications via postal submissions, fax, email or other digital form or applications which do not fulfill the conditions of the Scheme shall not be accepted or processed by The Fringe Club.


V.     Assessment Criteria

Applications will be assessed by Board Members, Staffs or the Vetting Committee of The Fringe Club. The Vetting Committee will arrange for interviews for the Individual Applicant or Arts Group Applicant if needed.


VI.   Release of Application Result

Successful Applicant will be notified in writing by The Fringe Club and will be required to sign an Agreement which lays down the conditions of the Venue Subsidy. The subsidized date and venue will depend on the actual availability.


VII. Copyright

The Subsidy Awardee must obtain prior written consent of the copyright owner for the content of the application and all materials used, and must ensure that The Fringe Club will not violate the “Intellectual Property (Miscellaneous Amendments) Ordinance 2000” or other relevant ordinances. The Subsidy Awardee must authorize Hong Kong Arts Development Council and The Fringe Club upon the receipt, copying, possession, processing, archiving or publishing of Application documents (including images and text) submitted.


VIII.     Supportive Services

The Fringe Club will assist Individual Artist or Arts Groups on promotion and ticketing arrangements, and provide general venue technical support.


IX.       Enquiries

Telephone:    2521 7251


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