【20 Secrets of Fringe Club】#03 How is Fringe Club named?!

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【20 Secrets of Fringe Club】#03 How is Fringe Club named?!

20 Secrets of Fringe Club

#03 How is Fringe Club named?!


"The name Fringe has come from Edinburgh when some theatre groups gate-crashed the Festival. They hired their own performance venues and made themselves instant hits. They were described as "the fringe of the official Festival" in the news. And the name sticks. 
But we couldn’t think of a good Chinese name, everywhere we looked. Until one night "It's come to me in a dream," Benny said. "I'm in a wheat field, wheat plants everywhere. The spikey parts of the plants catch my eyes. It looks so beautiful in the sun. When I wake up, the Chinese character 穗 pops up in my head." The name 藝穗節 also sticks and is now used in Taiwan and the Mainland for fringe festivals."

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