Exhibition - Exhibition

  • Mon 20-05-2024 to Sun 26-05-2024

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

In Cantonese


May is the month when one feels the gentle blow of the breeze, and the fragrance of flowers and vitality is everywhere. In this splendid springtime, five members of HK New Ink——Brenda Hong, Athena Wu, Martha Cheung, Stella Yau, and Matt Mak— —jointly organized an exhibition entitled Ink of May at the Fringe Club. Employing a broad range of inky nuances and colors in creating their artworks, the artists give the Club a new look, whilst exploring the developmental potential of blending ink with colors in Chinese painting.


Since the Song Dynasty, Chinese ink painters no longer regard ”ink“ as a fixed kind of black color. They believe that ink can be divided into different shades or what is termed “five colors”, with which the appearance of objects in the material world can be perfectly presented. With the development of modern science, artists have a new understanding of color. The new material living environment brought about by the new industrial civilization has encouraged artists to try to employ novel colors and modes of expression in their artistic creation. The participating artists of this exhibition demonstrate the same experimental spirit. They actively look for novel ways to integrate contemporary colors and viewing angles into Chinese painting and strive to express their subjective visual experiences in their works. In pursuing a personal artistic style, they are aspired to develop fresh expressive capabilities in ink art in the direction of ”ink + color“.

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