Art Is Not Limited: 2024 Summer Concert


  • Fri 31-05-2024 7:00 PM - 2 h

Fringe Dairy

HK$150 (Regular) / $100 (Student)


Fringe Box Office


Art Is Not Limited is back with another concert in 2024! With over 10k streams, Art Is Not Limited will be performing all their originals, written by their leader Sonja, as well as other pop / rock hits by YOASOBI, Fall Out Boy, mitski and more. Art Is Not Limited is a music non-profit started in 2018 that fundraises for music learning and performing opportunities for low-income families through concerts, busking, private bookings etc. Proceeds from this concert will be donated to PMA Music Foundation, which is a local charity that offers structured lessons and youth ensembles that perform regularly.

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