ABYSS invites High Future


  • Sat 17-02-2024 10:30 PM - 6 h

Fringe Dairy



Fringe Box Office


ABYSS returns to the dancefloor with the eclectic international act, High Future, a Berlin-based DJ and producer, the resident DJ of Den Anden Side (Copenhagen) and Club Raum (Amsterdam). Join us for a night of groovy, mind-bending techno and beyond, supported by a stellar lineup of local DJs - Mill.H, Angelika, and Shanda.


As a prominent force in the music scene worldwide, High Future has performed at renowned venues including Berghain, De School, Tresor, Fold and has featured in prominent events such as Intercell, Mala Junta, Spielraum, and many other highly regarded locations.


Her musical journeys transcend genre limitations, seamlessly weaving together elements from old school, trance, breaks, techno, and more. Her carefully crafted selection blends continuously vibrant sounds with rhythmic percussions, deconstructing and recombining beats across genres. Get ready for a night filled with pure euphoria on the dancefloor.

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