Exhibition - Exhibition

  • Tue 16-01-2024 to Mon 22-01-2024

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

In Cantonese and English


Artists throughout history have embraced relocation as a significant aspect of their journey. They have moved to new places for various reasons: to seek fresh inspiration, find supportive patrons, improve their living conditions, or respond to political circumstances. Relocation has been a crucial element in the art world throughout history. 


The emigration offers them a chance to expand their horizons and connect with new audiences, while also promoting cultural exchange and fostering a greater understanding of the harmony of our world. Relocation can also be seen as a way for artists to challenge dominant narratives and power structures, and to explore different perspectives and experiences. It can be used to create works that reflect on issues such as migration, identity, cultural hybridity, and transnationalism. By drawing attention to the experiences of those who have been uprooted from their homes, artists are helping to create empathy and understanding in a world that can often seem divided and indifferent. Artists from all over the world converge and contribute to the Hong Kong city's cultural legacy. Embrace the opportunity to be inspired and become part of this dynamic drive. 


Artists: Paul Shepherd & Picture Rhythm Studios, Aktin Dreiglo, Max Skorwider, Natasza Misiewicz, Damian Boylan, Cornelia Erdmann, Alex Lunev, Aceler Chua


Curators: Agnieszka Mori & Zoe Chan

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