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The Big BandExpress Anniversary Concert

LiveMusic - Music Concert, Jazz

The Big BandExpress
  • Sat 18-02-2023 9:00 PM - 2 h

Fringe Dairy

$320, $290 (Fringe Member) ; includes one drink


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We will Celebrate our 7th Year Anniversary in Fringe Club which we did our debut concert as well in 2016. Fringe became our mainly called home since we been formed. We always had a regular show/concert here and we enjoyed as well the company of each other to share our music and talents of each and everyone.


THE BIG BANDEXPRESS Founded in 2016 by trombonist Oliver Cura, The Big BandExpress is an active 12 to 20 piece jazz orchestra, consists of HongKong based experienced jazz/big band musicians. The band evolved out of Oliver’s The BandExpress combo with more trumpets, trombones and saxophones added to the core rhythm section and frontline instruments. There is nothing quite like the sound of a big band with its bright, crisp trumpets, warm trombones and shimmering saxophones all held together by a driving rhythm section of piano, guitar, bass and drums.The phenomenally successful swing and dance bands of the 1930s gradually evolved out of the swing era by incorporated influences from Latin American and rock styles.Today, the big band sound regularly finds its way into TV and movie scores and still maintains popularity through mainstream artists. The Big BandExpress continues this tradition playing a wide range of musical styles from its vast library as well as special arrangements from skilled musicians within the band itself. Regularly performing in bars and clubs in Hongkong, the band is available to hire for weddings, corporate shows and other special events. The band can accommodate special requirements, requests and preferences to suit any event for you. Guest singer: Jobelle Ubalde grew up surrounded by a family of music lovers and influenced by a musician father. She developed the passion for music since then. Growing up, she had opportunities working with talented artists and composers. At the age of 7, she did her first back vocal recording for a local artist. In 2013, she took part in the Disney movie “Frozen” as the Cantonese singing voice of Elsa; this has opened the door for her to reach out to a much bigger crowd outside Hong Kong. She was also the Cantonese singing voice of Nala from Disney's The Lion King remake 2019. Currently, she is the vocalist of the BandExpress, continuing to explore and learn more. Dennis Chan worked in aviation field as a airlines staff for 47 years and retired at his age of 65 just 2 years back . He started listening since he was a kid of 12 to Uncle Ray who was being named The world’s most durable DJ by The Guinness Book of World Records . He loves all kinds of good music, from Rock to Pop and from Jazz to Big Band . Though he is not a professional singer but he won a couple of singing contests including Cathay Pacific’s just before the pandemic started .


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