Mountain Sea + City + Mirage – The Greater Bay Area Figurative Art Cultural Exchange Exhibition


Hong Kong Fringe Club, Jardin Orange
  • Mon 08-11-2021 to Wed 24-11-2021

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admission


The Hong Kong Fringe Club and the Jardin Orange in Shenzhen are delighted to jointly present Mountain Sea + City + Mirage, an exhibition that aims to promote artistic exchanges in the Greater Bay Area.
The sea, the hills and the harbour represent the rapidly emerging modern cities that have created a colourful scene.  Lingnan culture, Hong Kong finance and Shenzhen technology have shaped the traditional and contemporary culture of the Greater Bay Area, creating a unique context where Eastern and Western cultures meet.  The exhibition features not only artists from Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, but also overseas artists in residence at the Jardin Orange.  Their figurative works capture the multifaceted emotions of the mountains, the sea, the city and social life from different perspectives, as well as the artists’ imaginings about the future, presenting the unique personal style of each one of them.
The artists exhibiting at the Hong Kong Fringe Club are Huang Pei-jiang, Tsui Chee-kui, Pong Kar-chor, Robert O’Brien, Wong Shun-kit, Tang Ying-chi, Li Yau-mang and Chau Shik-hung.  Since the 1970s they’ve all been active at different points in time in the Hong Kong art scene.  The evolution of Western Modernism into local culture in their work is clear, reflecting the influence of contemporary art concepts on local culture and art.  This exhibition also serves as a small preliminary survey of Hong Kong’s figurative art scene in the past half-century.
The international residency programme at the Jardin Orange is one of the most influential in China, with over a hundred artists from China and overseas participating.  The exhibition includes contemporary art and public art by important Chinese contemporary artists Li Bang-yao, Ren Xiao-ying and Ma Gui-fang, alongside works from lifestyle brands SATR and ROCKLEE.  The overseas artists are Jace, Ador, Gilles Cenazandotti, Yana Poppe and Rebecca O’Brien, and the overseas brands on show are Starman Funk and Krayon.
Mountain Sea + City + Mirage – The Greater Bay Area Figurative Art Cultural Exchange Exhibition features both offline and online elements.  The Hong Kong Fringe Club will present the physical works of local artists, while an online exhibition running in parallel will showcase the work of the Jardin Orange artists in Shenzhen, and vice versa.
Benny Chia
C Ting Chan
Exhibition Opening
08-11-2021 (Mon) 18:00 - 20:00
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