Gathering of Consciousness – The 29th Asian International Art Exhibition


The 29th Asian International Art Exhibition (Japan), Federation of Asian Artists Hong Kong Committee
  • Sat 02-10-2021 to Wed 20-10-2021

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admission


The Asian International Art Exhibition (AIAE) of the Federation of Asian Artists (FAA) was co-initiated by three regional committees in 1985.  Over the years, committees from various Asian countries/regions have presented a series of large-scale visual art invitational expositions to promote the development of contemporary art and culture in Asia.  As well as participating in more than 20 editions of the AIAE exhibitions, the FAA-Hong Kong Committee co-presented the 18th Asian International Art Exhibition with the Hong Kong Heritage Museum of the Leisure & Cultural Services Department in 2003.  Overcoming the challenges of the pandemic, the 29th Asian International Art Exhibition was co-presented by the Kyushu Geibun-kan and the FAA-Japan Committee from 7 to 29 August, 2021, in Fukuoka, Japan, with overseas artists in absentia.  We managed to feature the artworks of 15 Hong Kong artists in that exhibition.
Under the aegis of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the FAA-Hong Kong Committee invited 15 senior and young Hong Kong artists to participate in the recent exhibition in Japan.  Afterwards, the artworks by the Hong Kong artists were shipped back to Hong Kong for a return exhibition that will take place at the Hong Kong Fringe Club from 2 to 20 October.  The 15 artists are also planning to visit Japan for a cultural exchange trip in the last quarter of 2022.
In addition to the exploration of the roles of Asian cultures through the artists’ interpretations, with a local perspective, of the global art scene, the AIAE also showcases the unique artistic creative models and styles in different Asian countries/regions.  The artworks reflect the current local situations by covering an array of topics.  Taking “Gathering of Consciousness” as the theme of this exhibition, the Hong Kong curator aspires to showcase the artworks in different media and formats by the 15 participants, including their photography, video art, oil paintings, ink art, collage works, limited-edition prints and works in other media.  The aim is that the artworks will inspire people to reflect on various topics through “the gathering of” the imagination of many people, thus creating “the constantly changing consciousness” of the artists and viewers.  The exhibition opening at the Hong Kong Fringe Club will be a private viewing and meet-the-artists session on 2 October, 4pm-6pm.  All of the participating artists will be present to share their views about their artworks and their hopes and expectations about the cultural exchange trip planned for 2022.
Participating Artists
CHAN Pui-leng, Peggy
CHEUNG Chun-yeung, Martin
CHEUNG Choi-sang, Samson
CHOI Yuk-kuen, Bouie
CHU WOO, Nancy
LAM Tian-xing
LAM Woon-cheong, Steven
LAU Hiu-tung
LIU Ying
LUI Fung-ngar, Eddie
MAK Chui-ying, Winnie
MAN Mei-to
TANG Kai-yiu, Frank
TSE Jantzen, Sing
WONG Wing-tong
Ms C Ting Chan (
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