The Smoky House - Chan Suet-yi Solo Exhibition


Chan Suet-yi
  • Wed 12-05-2021 to Tue 25-05-2021

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admission


Chan Suet-yi’s solo exhibition showcases the paintings and drawings that she created in Berlin, Germany. “The Smoky House” is an imaginative space for her mindscapes, while “Smoky” could be an indication of her emotions in this chaotic world.
Chan has been living and working nomadically in Europe for several years, and her artistic creation is often related to the landscapes and imagery she encounters. She often takes the role of a silent observer on the road. The stillness and quietness from the landscapes and objects constantly attract her, and she tries to re-create that same aura through her works, adding her own feelings so that the paintings convey an ambiguous mood that cannot be captured easily in words. There is no specific time, place or meaning behind the paintings.
She believes that painting has a special meditative nature for both the artist and the viewers. It enables her to focus and use her intuition instead of only her rational thinking. To a certain extent, the canvas acts like a safe space and an emotional outlet for her. Through colours and brushwork, her personal feelings are translated and recorded.
For Chan, every blank canvas is the starting point of a journey that combines controllability and uncontrollability, often leading to the unknown, and the ultimate outcome is a record of the journey – a journey that is mostly joyful, with some occasional pain. She creates a space for people to seek some peace in this chaotic world and to develop the strength to cope with uncertainty. Enter the smoky house to have a good rest, examine your own emotions and experience the tranquility.
The exhibition is co-sponsored by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe.
The Smoky House
In between—
White and black
A day and another day
Rivers and seas
Clouds and grasses
Inhale and exhale
There is a house
Chan Suet-yi
Exhibition Opening
15-05-2021 (Sat) 15:00 - 19:00
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