【Xmas Secrets of Fringe】#1 What's the best Xmas present?

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【Xmas Secrets of Fringe】#1 What's the best Xmas present?

Photo: Fringe Gallery, 1990s

【Xmas Secrets of Fringe】#1 

What's the best Xmas present?

The answer is, something you need badly.


That Xmas when we got the key to the Ice Depot now the Fringe Club, we're desperately in need of some wall paint. Over dinner, our then board member, Mabel Lui, mentioned to the guest next her that she's looking for a donor of paint. The guest asked, "How many cans do you want?"


For many years afterwards the interior of the the Fringe Club looked really cool and chic, the walls were painted in black and white. For Mabel has made a decision on the spot to ask her guest - who happened to be owner of Camel Paint - for 100 cans of emulsion paint in, yes you've guessed it, in black and white.

Photo: Fringe Gallery, 1990s



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