What is the Fringe Club?

We believe in the powers of the arts to create our own realities, heal the heart, make us get up and dance, or cry.

We believe we all are free beings, true to ourselves and be who we are.

We believe we are all artists. Our lives can be a work of art. The making of a cup of coffee can be an art.

We also believe good food and drinks complete the enjoyment of the arts.

The Fringe is a place for you to step into the spotlight and take centre-stage.

Or take a backseat have a cup of coffee and enjoy the arts.

The Fringe is more than brick and mortar. It's the sum total of our memories and experiences.

If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do tonight?

Love your life today!

Own your experience @the Fringe now!



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Membership category Free F&B Vouchers## Privileges & benefits

Life member+
with 1 supplementary card

Life-time HK$30,000

·   2 packs

·   Each pack includes:

HK$100 - 20pcs
HK$50 - 20pcs

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Associate member Annual HK$1,800

HK$100 - 6pcs

HK$50 - 8pcs

3 years HK$3,800

·  2 packs

·  Each pack includes:
HK$100 - 6pcs
HK$50 - 8pcs

Artist member* Annual HK$1,200

HK$100 - 4pcs

HK$50 - 4pcs

3 years HK$2,500

·   2 packs

·   Each pack includes:
HK$100 - 4pcs
HK$50 - 4pcs

Senior member^

Annual HK$450

HK$100 - 1pc

HK$50 - 2pcs

Full-time student member#

Annual HK$300

HK$100 - 1pc

HK$50 - 2pcs

+ Share the suite of exclusive benefits and privileges with your loved ones
* Portfolio required (there will be a vetting procedure)
^ 60 years old or above (proof required)
# Proof required
## Cash vouchers are valid only within the month indicated 


Please read the Terms & Conditions of membership and the cash reward vouchers here.


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Nice to meet you! Let’s explore the Fringe Club together!

Find out about shows, events, lifestyle and food & beverage promotions happening at the Fringe Club.

Enjoy a colourful life and participate in our events! 



Life Member Name Acknowledgement 

(According to alphabetical order)

Alastair Hill

Alex Chelleri

Alison Liu

Allen Lai

Andrew Lam

Andrews David Harris

Angela Katz

Angelika Hanna Ingrid Holte

Ann Lok

Anne Coyne

Anshuman Shankar

Apple Cheung

Arthur Luk

Ashley He

Au Wai Chun

Aubrey Ho

Beatrice Cessac

Ben Wong

Benj Roberts

Bernadette O'Donnell

Beryl M Chan

Billy Ma

Calvin Ho

Calvin Hung

Candice Moore

Carli Yung

Catriona Koo

Celia Fung

Chan Anthony Jen Haw

Chan Chung Ki

Chan Kam Hon Sylvia

Chan Woon Tong

Chau Kwok Fung

Cheung Kit Ting May

Cheung Yee Wah

Chiang Choi Har

Chien Hu Virginia

Chloe Ho

Chow Man Ki

Chow Pak Cheong

Chris B.

Christopher J. Dundon

Christopher Riddell

Chuen Mo Chan

Chui Hiu Lo

Clare Stearns

Colette Koo

Colin Davidson

Colin Tillyer

Connie Leung Yan Yee

Crane ChenDavid

Peter Buffery

Diana Chan

Edna Tang

Elaine Kwok Hiu Ling

Elizabeth Gouw

​Elizabeth Huang

Elizabeth Libby Wong

Evans Catherine Elizabeth

Fan Stino Daniela

Fong Kam Hung

Francis Chen

Fredrik Dahlberg

Fung King Cho

Geoffrey Blowers

Georgina Hunt

Gerrard Katz

Gladys Li

Glen Hershey

Godfrey Ip Ka Fai

Grahame Carder

Gulshan Chhugani

Gun Chow

Hacken Lee

Hau Ding Yan

Henry Sit

Ho Man Kei

Iain Bruce

Ida Chow

Irini Tang

Iris Chan Chung Yan

Isabel Yiu

Jackie Fok Wai Ming

Jackie Lo

Jacky Cheung

James Ockenden

Jan-Dirk Lohmueller

Janis Chan

Jason Y. Ng

Jeffrey Sze

Jenny Hui

Jeremy Hunt

Joanna Hotung

Joel Cheng

Joey Ho

John R Medsen

Jonathan Wong

Jow Jin Chen

Joyce Lee

Julia Yim

K C Lui

K. A. Westley

Kath O'Connor

Kee Chan

Kenjiro Masuda

Kenneth Loo

Kevin Jennings


Kim Gosling

Kit Fong Yeung

Kitty Lam

Kitty Lung

L. H. Yu

Lai Ody A

Lai Wai Han Octavia

Lam Che Leung

Lam Man Chung

Lam May Ling

Lam Yee Wun

Lau Hiu Wan

Lau Yat Hung

Lee Sau Wai Vivien

Lee Stephen

Lena Lee

Lene Nielsen

Lenny-Baptiste Conil

Leung Yat Kan Winson

Li Bolin

Lily Chow

Louis So

Luk Wai Yin

Madeleine Slavick

Mak Kwok Fai

Mak Yan Yan Winnie

Man Wai Man Debbie

Margaret Carlson

Margaret Chang

Martin Alexander


Matt Bailey

Matt Weimar


Michael Coyne

Michael Kershaw

Michael Mak

Michelle Fung Suet Kuen

Mike Bolosover

Ngai Kar Hang

Nic Banks

Nick Luxton

Nina Pryde

Old Cheng

Omura Chiaki

Otto Kwan

Paul C.K. Chiu

Pauline Butron

Peter Sit Kwok Bun

Philippa  Ho

Phyllis, Yuen Wai Yee

Poon Suk Ling Amy

Ralph Cheung

Raymond Chan

Raymond Cheung

Renee Melchert Thorpe

Richard A. Garvey

Richard Chu Mun Chan

Ricky Chan

Ringo Tang

Ruth Gee

Sally Yeh

Samantha Hon

Sandy Li

Sarah Lemcke

Sarah M. Y. N. Liang

Shaun Bowers

Shaw Marissa Fung

Sheila purves

Sheila Wells

Sheri Dorfman

Sherman Tang

Shonee M Mirchandani

Simba Gill

Sit Tsing Yui Robert

Sixtus Heung

Stephen David Bolton

Stuckey Peter David

Sung Shu Ming Ian

Susan Jamieson

T. E. Westley

Tabitha Lee

Tam Wing Oi

Tammy Cheung

Target Charles

Tatia Lee

Terje K Holte

The McCadden Place Collective

Thomas Lai

Thomas Tang

Ting Siu Yeung

Tobias Doeringer

Tom Hope

Tsang Ho Man

Tsui Yue Menn

Vicent Ang

Vincent Connor

Wan Man Yee

Wayne Leung

Wei Chun Qun

Welland Chu

Wendy Lam

Whitton David

Winnie Ho

Wong Esther

Yoko Ishizu

Yong Koon Wan May

Yoshi Ishizu

Young Cho Yee David

Zilvan To