Circa 1913


The Past

The central Depot of the Dairy Farm was designed in two parts: the ground floor was used for retail, and the upper floor was used as a staff dormitory. The room called 1913 was the Taipan’s office and residence. Why is it called 1913? Hong Kong wasn’t really cold, but there was a fireplace in the room, and the chimney was connected to the rooftop, where the date “1913” was carved on the wall.  That’s why it is called 1913.

Some people described the Depot as a ship: the corner at the front is as pointy as the bow of a ship. So 1913 is like the bridge of a ship – the manager sat in front of the fireplace, thinking about how to make the Dairy Farm sail smoothly so it could handle all the winds and the waves.


The Present

Circa 1913 | bar | restaurant  | gallery

Cuisine:  Japanese & French Fusion


Opening Hours

From May 2019, only for event and party booking:
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Drawing Exhibition by Liu Chi Hang@Circa 1913

Free Admission. Artworks for Sale.

Liu Chi Hang, Bobby graduated in France. His works are inspired by the construction of traditional Chinese characters and the colour of western modern art. They are balanced and unique.

This exhibition emphasises the courage of aesthetic judgement. Every artwork should be a creation but not a forgery. 


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