What's On : Exhibition

Joint Exhibition: “View” – WU Chun Yin Aries, LUI Wa, GU Yu Lin,YIU Chu Tung

  • Sat 08-04-2017 to Wed 26-04-2017

Free Admissions

Views, whether man-made or natural, are objects of expression and aesthetic representation. The contemporary social landscape in which we exist is, in the same way that Baudelaire described modernity, “the ephemeral, the fugitive, the contingent…”.

日 日 和 器 HibiWaki Exhibition HK Fringe Club x New Generation Japanese Ceramists Project

HIBIWAKI x HK Fringe Club

  • Mon 20-02-2017 to Wed 28-02-2018

Free Admission

日 日 和 器 HibiWaki HK Fringe Club x New Generation Japanese Ceramists Exhibition Close on all Sundays

“WHERE TIME TURNS BLACK” --- Photo Exhibition by Agnes KU

Agnes KU

  • Fri 28-04-2017 to Mon 08-05-2017

Free Admissions

Through the experience of companionship with her old mother, and of revisiting old haunts, the artist keenly observed changes in life and in the city, and contemplated the essence of time.