What's On : Exhibition

“e+ Central” Photo Exhibition 2017—“Central・Affection”

E.F.C.C. – Kong Fok Church.

  • Mon 26-06-2017 to Mon 03-07-2017

Free addmission

This photo exhibition is part of the “e+ Central” Event Series 2017 organized by E.F.C.C. – Kong Fok Church. It is intended to provide “balm” or inspirations for the (dry) souls of those toiling daily in the urban jungle of Central District.

日 日 和 器 HibiWaki Exhibition HK Fringe Club x New Generation Japanese Ceramists Project

HIBIWAKI x HK Fringe Club

  • Tue 27-06-2017 to Thu 05-07-2018

Free Admission

日 日 和 器 HibiWaki HK Fringe Club x New Generation Japanese Ceramists Exhibition Close on all Sundays

Drawing Exhibition by Raymond Pang @Circa 1913

Raymond Pang x The Fringe Club

  • Wed 28-06-2017 to Sun 27-08-2017

Free Admission

Using humble materials such as stone, wood and copper wire, Pang creates artworks that demonstrate a soft, sensual touch.

“Between Art and Other Worlds” – by Hanison Lau

  • Wed 05-07-2017 to Thu 31-08-2017

Free Admission

This Summer, the Fringe Club will present the “Ingredients of TIME”. Events include "Between art and other worlds" exhibition, "Midnight Stories…", "My Normal & Paranormal Sightings In & Around the Fringe" artist sharing and a series of “Naked Dialogue”.

“Meets ... ” Photo Exhibition by VeryBrutus

  • Sat 26-08-2017 to Sat 02-09-2017

Free Admissions

As the Founder and Chief Photographer of FreShMAn Music Magazine, Brutus ensures the quality and “Originality” of each photograph captured in every page of the issue; hoping that the readers will understand the music narrative through her lens.