Today I made nothing.


Christopher Doyle
  • Tue 17-01-2017 to Wed 01-02-2017

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admissions


Today I made nothing.

That’s how many seem to feel and act at this period in Hong Kong.

The only way out of such lethargy is to MAKE something … anything dreamed up … personal… naïve … ridiculous …unexpected and true to our predicament, or so far-fetched that we have to dream to get there .

We just made a film here. It’s called THE WHITE GIRL. This is the space of it’s opening scene of the film .

Today I MADE NOTHING and that’s not a way to live …

I guess the question is if we can make a space and a film about “nothing”, maybe our nothing may takes us to something after all.

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