日 日 和 器 HibiWaki Exhibition HK Fringe Club x New Generation Japanese Ceramists Project


HIBIWAKI x HK Fringe Club
  • Fri 01-12-2017 to Wed 28-02-2018

Fringe Vault

Free Admission


HIBIWAKI x HK Fringe Club

Contemporary Japanese Ceramists Exhibition

日 日 和 器   HIBIWAKI

It has been a Japanese tradition to select seasonal tableware to add to the beauty of food and everyday life.


From December 1, 2017 to February 28, 2018 is the final season of the Hibiwaki exhibition.  The works of Mr Takeshi Adachi and Mr Muneaki Iwashita will be on display.  The Fringe Vault will also serve its delicacies on tableware by these two artists.  You may also choose to purchase their works. 



Mr. Takeshi Adachi

Born in 1983, Mr. Adachi’s ceramic creation starts with kneading of clay by himself.  He likes the flexible use of materials.  His mood when creating tableware, is similar to the making of an extremely delicious dish with the simplest cooking method.  He believes that he can contribute to everyone’s enjoyment of healthy eating.

Mr. Muneaki Iwashita

Mr. Iwashita was born in 1986 in Mashiko, a town renowned for its ceramics.  The major characteristic of his works is the dotted pattern by using the Tobikanna technique.  He strives to combine the soil, materials and traditional skills of Mashiko into his own personalized works.


Event Director : Akihiro Nikaido

Event Executive:​​Yasuko Hasegawa

Photo by : Yumiko Miyahama / Tomoya Miyashita

Curator ︰​​​Jessica Wong | Co-Host︰​​​​HK Fringe Club



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