Have a drink with Van Gogh on Saturday


Dolce coffee・whisky
  • Sat 11-05-2019 2:30 PM - 3 h

The Jockey Club Studio Theatre

HKD 290
HKD 250 (Fringe members)
HKD 250 (early bird - on or before 19 April)
Ticket include one hand drip coffee or ice drip coffee and one whisky


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You are invited to join us on Saturday afternoon of the long weekend at the Fringe Club for a unique experience of arts. Soaked in the intoxicating scent of coffee and whisky selected by Dolce coffee, you will travel back in time to know more about Vincent Van Gogh guided by Mandy. You will definitely understand more about his Starry night after learning about his life and works.

“Van Gogh Alive Experience” will be held from 6thApril to 7thJuly in Hong Kong. There will be more than 3,000 paintings to stimulate your senses. If you want to experience more, do join us.

*Language: Cantonese
*Duration: 3 hours

Presenter : Dolce coffee・whisky

Less than five feet, small like a coffee bean. Dolce hold workshops at Fringe Club, starting with coffee, whiskey and her favorite stuffs, sharing every tastes she love.


Speaker : Mandy Chu

After graduate from University of Hong Kong majoring Fine arts and Music in 2000, Mandy started to be a part time tutor in Hong Kong art school teaching arts appreciation classes for adults.   (Multi-views of art, Journey of the renaissance, Journey of the baroque and rococo, Museum tour of Italy, Museum of Paris)

She occasionally gives talks and seminar about selected artists, etc. Monet, Vermeer organized by various organization. 



*Facebook page: www.facebook.com/DolceCoffeeWhisky

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