Documentary Film Screening

The HK Jewish Film Festival screening of The Museum with after show discussion

Show - Documentary Film Screening

The HK Jewish Film Festival
  • Fri 09-11-2018 7:30 PM - 2 h

The Jockey Club Studio Theatre

HKD $90, HKD $72 (Member, Senior citizens aged 60 or above, full-time students and people with disabilities)

In English


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Director: Ran Tal | Israel | 2017 |  Documentary | Hebrew | English subtitles | 74 mins


The Museum seeks to explore the Israeli soul through the galleries, storerooms, emplyees and visitors of its most important cultural institution, the Israel Museum. The American museum director, the singing security guard, the Jerusalemite curator, the Palestinian guide and the visitor who lost her vision are some of the characters that take part in a chain of activities which add up to the daily routine of the museum that seeks to both reflect and mold the Israeli legacy and culture.

The fears, the nightmares, the sense of sacrifice which is such a powerful part of the Israeli and Jewish experience are reflected in the museum's exhibits. From slavery in Pharaonic Egypt through Emperor Hadrian of Rome to Nazism, modern art and ancient Hebrews. The film becomes a cinematic collage - observant, sensitive and breathtakingly beautiful.

*Show type: Film screening and post-screening discussion 
*Language: Hebrew with English subtitles
*Age limit: Nil
*Duration: 2 hours


Location / Time / Price

Fringe Upstairs

2018-11-9 (7:30pm)
HKD $90 
HKD $72 (M / SC / S / D)
Discount  M – Fringe Club Members 
 SC – Senior citizens over 60 
 S – Full-Time Students
 D – Disabled



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