Outlier : Placemaking@the Fringe

  • Tue 10-04-2018 to Mon 30-04-2018

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery


Exhibition Period: 10-30 April 2018

Venue: Fringe Club Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery (10-21 Apr); Other areas (23-30 Apr)


Opening Reception: 10 April  |  6-8pm   | Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery


Curator                                 Benny Chia         

Administrator                        Catherine Lau

Exhibition Designer              Raymond Pang         

Curatorial Respondent         Tang Hoi Chiu

Photography & Poetry       Liu Wai Tong


An episode of childhood memory brought him back to the old place. He got the key to the door and has, since then, started his adventure with a cat. 

From a tenant for one month to a housekeeper for 35 years, would he still take the key, if he could turn back time?

Exhibition: Placemaking@the Fringe
10-30 April 2018




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Time: 1983

People: Benny · Emma
Place: 2 Lower Albert Road

Keys of the building which have to be returned to Gov’t later. Pls keep in the safe.” Benny. 1983.

Only Benny & Emma knew..




Holding the keys, lots of questions popping out from Benny & Emma: From basement to rooftop of the building, it was only five levels. So Why there were keys of 18/F?

Leaving the questions behind, they used other keys to open a door and found the clue...


Fringe Secret:



Opening the wood door by one of the keys, these were found. The past life of Fringe Club unveiled...

Can you find out the clue from these pieces?



【Clue 3 - A Man & A Cat】

In Fringe Dairy, it was super dusty. Having found two pieces bearing witness of the past was already a stroke of luck. Benny swept the floor with his legs, drawing a semi-circle in the dust showing unexpected colour! Using his hand to sweep further, he found that the floor was tidily covered with colourful tiles.

Fringe Dairy, the former supermarket of the Dairy Farm, was destined to be the main stage of the Fringe Club.

Benny and Emma would not be able to clean up the space alone. Over 30 volunteers were recruited through the radio and Cat joined. Fringe Club thus grew like weed, though with adversity, prepared to face bigger challenges.

What were these?

(Cat was the top student of a renowned secretary training institution at that time. She joined Fringe Club as an intern till now as the Administrator. In these 35 years, Benny and Cat worked closely together.)


Fringe Dairy: 



Fringe Secrets (Cats):



【Clue 4: Chimney at the Rooftop】

Benny, Cat & the volunteers were very happy in discovering this oasis. I closed the door of the Fringe Dairy and left them behind.

I took the keys of 18/F, walked upstairs, turned left, opened the door.

The room was very dark. Only the street light came through from the windows. Lorette was performing. Audience were enjoying. Suddenly, water poured out from the ceiling, straightly on Lorette. Every one was silence. The street light was quiet. Performance ended. I closed the door and left.

Why was Lorette here? Hasn’t she died on 2017?

I returned to the room. Nobody was there, except the street light and the water on the floor.

(Lorette va Heteren passed away in 2017. She is always in our mind.)


Fringe Secrets (Lorette van Heteren):



【Clue 5: Fresnel & Profile】

When I was about to leave the room, I heard some footsteps behind me. Benny came out of the same room with Cat and said exuberantly, ‘The Fresnel and Profile are a great addition! These two stage lanterns alone created very stunning lighting effects. The audience absolutely loved the show!’

I went up to Benny and Cat, but they couldn’t see me and passed through me…

How many time dimensions can coexist in one room, in one building?


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