NTBM crossover WWD live at Fringe Club

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Not-To-Be-Missed, Wong Way Down
  • Thu 11-01-2018 9:00 PM - 2 h

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Two of the most exciting jazz bands in Hong Kong – NTBM (Not-To-Be-Missed) and Wong Way Down – join forces to bring you their original compositions, ranging from hard bop Swing groove to heavy fusion jazz.



NTBM is an original international jazz collective led by guitarist and composer Tjoe Man Cheung, a Hong Kong native, and formed by emerging musicians from around the world.  The group aspires to compose original jazz tunes and perform globally.

Tjoe unites Eastern and Western musicians on the stage to facilitate cultural exchange.  The fusion of cultures results in interesting improvisation and an experimental music conversation, which epitomises the essence of jazz. From Asia to Europe, NTBM brings groovy urban jazz music.

Tjoe Man Cheung (guitar), Chak-seng Lam (alto saxophone), Farley Angel (trumpet), CM Lee (bass), Nate Wong (drums)




Wong Way Down (WWD)

Wong Way Down, led by Nate Wong, is Hong Kong’s edgiest Swing band.  Its members are a band of renegade professional musicians in Hong Kong whose regular gigs range from playing in Sammi Cheng’s backing band to performing with Rubber Band or even the Hong Kong Philharmonic.  But when they play with WWD, the chains are off. 

WWD has performed at the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, the Guangzhou Opera House and the Freespace Festival, and hosts Hong Kong’s longest-running jam session.  This performance will feature original jazz music combining traditional Swing jazz and a modern aesthetic.

Nate Wong (drums), Callum Mackenzie (alto saxophone), Farley Angel (trumpet). Tjoe Man Cheung (guitar), Jeff Lehmberg (bass)



Admission: 30 minutes before show time.

Limited seats, first-come-first-served.

Drink coupon will be distributed at the door. 

No outside drink or food is allowed inside the venue.

Fringe Club (852) 2521 7251

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