City Speak: “This is Our Land” Dialogue Series: Country Parks


Citizens Task Force on Land Resources
  • Sat 02-12-2017 11:00 AM - 2 h

Fringe Vault

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The debate on developing country parks for housing purposes has intensified in recent years. So what is the status of the land resources in Hong Kong? Is it worth sacrificing the natural environment? What is the value of the periphery of country parks? What does the public need to know about the specific development sites proposed by the Government? In this public forum, the “Citizens Task Force of Land Resources" invited two speakers who are well known in the work of planning of country parks in order to broaden the public discussion of the relevant issues.

("This is Our Land" Dialogues series organized by the "Citizens Task Force on Land Resources" are designed to promote public discussion of the land resources in Hong Kong. We will invite guests who are familiar with various land issues in Hong Kong in the hope to broaden the participants' understanding and participation in those issues.)


*Duration: 120 min (No intermission)
*Show type: Dialogues, public forum

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