{Kuang} Solo Photography Exhibition


Photographer/Curator - Alan W.L. Ng
  • Fri 03-11-2017 to Wed 08-11-2017

Fringe Vault

Free Admissions


The most accurate translation of the Chinese word {Kuang} is “frame”.  There are different “frames” in life – we are born with some, and have loaded ourselves up with others; some are obvious, others are not; and even if we escape from one, new ones always appear.  The idea of this project is to explore and discover different “frames” in life, with pictures related to the personal feelings of the photographer.

There are no “most appropriate” or “model” answers to life’s issues, so the aim of this project is only to raise questions, not to find solutions.

Alan W.L. Ng is an entrepreneur and a passionate photographer.  He completed documentary photography workshops run by Magnum Photos, and a Fashion Editorial course at the Paris College of Art.

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