A Floating Identity


Francis Yu, Ling Lai, Movana Chen, Tunni Kraus, Imme Van der Haak and Simone Boon
  • Sat 04-11-2017 to Tue 14-11-2017

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admissions


Artists from diverse cultural backgrounds and practices come together to explore the notion of floating identities.  Each piece explores a sense of self, an identity that simultaneously is moulded by and melts our concept of time, place, people, language and culture.  As a whole, this exhibition presents a free-flowing idea of identity, a fluid individual and cultural identity, fragile and lucid yet fundamentally interconnected and informed by the “other”.


Francis Yu is a painter and art educator who went abroad to study and gained a BFA in Visual Arts at York University in Toronto.  After receiving his MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art in London, he completed a PhD in Theory and Practice of Painting at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou.  His paintings bring images, texts, objects and the situated spaces together to achieve the appearance of totality despite the inherent active interrogations.


Ling Lai graduated with a BA and an MA (Fine Arts) from RMIT University in 2005 and 2008 respectively.  She is a contemporary abstract painter who explores the fluid nature of dispersed light and bleeding colour.


Movana Chen is a Hong Kong-based artist who received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMIT University, Hong Kong.  Since 2014 she has been weaving people’s stories through KNITerature – a genre that involves the deconstruction and reconstruction of meanings and content by knitting shredded books that she collects as gifts from people she meets on her travels around the world.  Her work has been shown internationally, most recently at the 14th factory, Los Angeles.


Tunni Kraus is an interdisciplinary Australian artist who challenges the social implications of the way we communicate and make meaning.  Since completing his Master’s degree in Public Art at RMIT in 2010, he has been exploring ideas of ritual and identity by experimenting with digital communication technologies, everyday objects and mark-making practices.  He has been commissioned by numerous institutions internationally, and recently participated in a group show at Oi! Art space, Hong Kong.


Imme van der Haak was born and raised in Arnhem, the Netherlands.  She graduated from the Academy of Arts in Arnhem in 2010, then gained her Master’s degree in Product Design from the Royal College of Art in London in 2012.  Her ongoing project features the moving body printed onto translucent silk, creating the possibility of the continuous layering of bodies, ages, genders and identities.


Simone Boon is a Dutch experimental photographer and ceramicist.  She received her Master’s degree and two Bachelor’s degrees in Fine Arts from RMIT University.  She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Hong Kong and overseas.  Her transient life informs the fascinating trace of rhythm and illusionary patterns; and Human Identity from a female perspective related to a philosophy of becoming.


4 Nov to 14 Nov 2017

Mon to Fri 1000 to 2030; Sat 1130-2030

Opening: 7 Nov 2017 (Tue) 1730-1930

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery, The Fringe Club

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