“e+ Central” Photo Exhibition 2017—“Central・Affection”


E.F.C.C. – Kong Fok Church.
  • Mon 26-06-2017 to Mon 03-07-2017

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free addmission


This photo exhibition is part of the “e+ Central” Event Series 2017 organized by E.F.C.C. – Kong Fok Church. It is intended to provide “balm” or inspirations for the (dry) souls of those toiling daily in the urban jungle of Central District.  

This exhibition showcases the top 30 submissions to our earlier “e+ Central Photography Contest 2017.” The contest has been judged by a panel of prominent photographers—Ms. Mary CHEUNG, Dr. SIU Kin-fan and Mr. YEUNG Tze-kong. These 30 commended photos are all born out of deep affection for Central, expressing the photographers’ unique view of Central’s vibe, and providing unique records of captivating, moving, and even heart-warming moments captured in Central.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winning images, as well as the other 9 shortlisted images will be announced at the “e+ Central Gospel Event,” which is to be held on October 14 (Saturday; 6:00 pm) at E.F.C.C. - Kong Fok Church. Do come and join us! (For details, please visit: www.kongfok.org.

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