Hong Kong Stories Top Notch 1

劇場 - 活動

Hong Kong Stories - Gina
  • (五) 26-05-2017 8:00 PM - 2 小時

$120; $96(會員)



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Every year Hong Kong Stories celebrates success at our annual ‘Top Notch’ show. This is the biggest and best show of the year. We have two nights of the best stories told on our stage in the last 12 months.

Hong Kong Stories is a not for profit organization dedicated to the art of storytelling. Every show is a journey from mildly embarrassing anecdotes to life changing tragedies. It's always a unique experience. 

It’s better than comedy. It’s better then drama. It's real life.


*節目時間長度:8 – 10 pm (中場休息10分鐘)